Not all bug bites turn us into superheroes.

We made Quelly for the bites that make us itchy.

  • Kid Safe

    Our plant-derived drug-free ingredients ensure peace of mind for the entire family. We're also parents, so we made this with our kids in mind.

  • Water-Resistant

    Our water-resistant patches adhere securely, offering lasting comfort during hikes, picnics, and water play.

  • Vegan

    Quelly patches are formulated with gentle and vegan-friendly ingredients, making them safe for all ages, including kids.

Quell the itch.

Our dermatologist recommended fast acting and long lasting patches are suitable for all ages. Put the itch behind you and get back to what you enjoy.


Get better rest.

Say goodbye to those restless nights spent scratching annoying insect bites. Our patches provide fast and lasting relief, so you can enjoy the peaceful sleep you deserve.

Ditch the midnight itch.