How do I use Quelly patches?
Applying Quelly patches is simple! Clean and dry the affected area, peel the patch from its backing, and firmly press it onto the bite site. Enjoy the instant relief!

How do Quelly itch relief patches work?
Quelly itch relief patches are designed with a fast-acting formula that targets itchiness caused by mosquito and bug bites. The patches is designed to absorb insect saliva, reducing inflammation, as well as help reduce the inflammation directly. 

How long can I keep a patch on for?
We don't recommend keeping the same patch on for more than 8 hours. Be sure to clean and dry the area before reapplying a new patch.

Are Quelly patches safe for kids?
Absolutely! Quelly patches are formulated with gentle and vegan-friendly ingredients, making them safe for all ages, including kids.

How long do Quelly patches last?
Quelly patches offer lasting comfort while they are applied, but a patch should be replaced after 8 hours.

Can I use Quelly patches for other insect bites?
Yes, Quelly patches are effective for relieving itchiness from various insect bites, including mosquitoes, flies, gnats, bees, and more.

Are Quelly patches water resistant?
Yes, Quelly patches are water resistant, ensuring they stay securely in place during water activities and outdoor adventures.

How many patches come in each pack?
Each Quelly pack contains 30 itch relief patches, ensuring you have an ample supply for your outdoor activities.